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November 15, 2010

Gapminder graph of health care per person vs life expectancy worldwide.

Why we need health care reform.

Similar to this Hans Rosling version on Youtube (~8:40 #6 of 10 questions answered)


Disinformation Works… and Persists

November 9, 2010

I recently heard an acquaintance joke about Al Gore “Inventing the Internet”… and old example of disinformation that worked and still persists… the false quote used to disparage Gore for supposedly taking sole credit for the internet.

Here are a couple of sites that explain what Gore actually said and how he really was instrumental in helping fund the early internet:

It’s very discouraging to see disinformation persist so many years after the fact.  But judging from the results of the recent election, disinformation works.

Now, with the predicted end of Net Neutrality under the new crop of legislators, will we see disinformation spread more easily while the truth is suppressed?

Election Results and Net Neutrality

November 8, 2010

ReadWriteWeb had a story on this today:
What Do Last Week’s U.S. Elections Mean for Net Neutrality?

It also includes this link to a brief overview about Net Netrality: 15 Facts About Net Neutrality [Infographic]