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The elmcity project – rethinking the community calendar

December 17, 2012

calimageJon Udell was at A2B3 Sept 27, 2012, talking about his elmcity project, a calendar aggregater he is working on.  He has a list of 300+calendar feeds for the Ann Arbor area… and that doesn’t include calendars from, Ann Arbor Observer, Ann Arbor SPARK, etc.  He is doing a Google Fiber type search for a demonstration city.  I think Ann Arbor would be perfect.

We discussed some enhancements to make the elmcity project more useful, keyword/tag filtering, geo-coding, etc.   One problem I noticed was that you can’t go back even one day to review recent events.

Until we get an aggregated community calendar fully in place like the one  Jon is promoting, one would have to subscribe to many calendars to know what events are happening in the community.  For a glimpse of what it might look like check out the Ann Arbor Chronicle’s Ann Arbor events listing.